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What problem does it solve?

Chaman 19th March 2020
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Confused right? You might be thinking that it’s a Product Designers who solves a problem but how come Graphic Designer solves any problem. To be honest, Graphic Designers don’t just beautify using art techniques. Read on to learn more.

Suppose, you’ve come across a door that just had a great looking and functionally usable by providing a great handle by a physical product designer. But you don’t know how to open the door, or which way and which sided force to be applied. Yes, you might have thought right, simple signage can help the door to be made more accessible and easier to use for the users. This was designed visually to communicate a message, that’s where Graphic Design’s role kicks in.

What problem does Graphic Design Solve
Bad Doors are everywhere, but see how a simple print (mode of communication) of pull/ push or slide can solve a big problem of interacting with doors.

Graphic Designers solve a problem by using the combination of typography and images in the form of art to solve an existing real-world problem. Seen, how such a little printed signage of pull/ push or slide can solve a problem of opening/ closing of the door from a particular side if it’s only one direction openable.